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Leaders at ASEM Meeting in Madrid

Successful ASEM in Madrid

The ASEM foreign ministers meeting in Madrid was a useful opportunity to cement European and Asian support for multilateralism; and for Josep Borrell to meet his Asian interlocutors. The ministerial paved the way for the ASEM summit on 16-17 November 2020 in Cambodia.

Ministers engaged in a lively debate during their retreat session touching on the above and other sensitive issues such as Xinjiang and Hong Kong, Kashmir, Syria and the Donbas.

The new High Representative used the opportunity of the ASEM foreign ministers meeting in Madrid this week to hold bilateral talks with a number of Asian colleagues. He judged the ASEM to have been a success and hoped that in future there could be more focus on fewer subjects with the possibility of joint actions.

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EU-China improve multi trade system

Can the EU and China improve the multilateral trade system without the United States?

By John Farnell

The disruptive approach of the United States towards international economic relations has changed the way that China and the EU talk to each other about the rules of trade. This is not surprising: international trade is more important to these two mega-economies than to the United States.


Gender Equality and empowerment

The EU-Asia Centre organized an event with the EEAS on 26 November on ‘the role of gender equality and women’s empowerment in sustainable development’ 

The panel from left to right: Jonatha Hatwell, Piet Steel, Fraser Cameron, Reinhard  B├╝tikofer and Eddie Cheung

The Future of Hong Kong

On 10 December, the EU-Asia Centre and Belgium Hong Kong Society co-hosted a lively panel discussion on the future of Hong Kong.


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