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China’s Defence White paper

26 July 2019

On 24 July, the Chinese government released its latest white paper on defence, updating the 2011 document, published before President Xi took office. In the press conference accompanying the launch of the white paper, State Council officials said that China had always been a peace-loving nation, as illustrated by the lack of offensive military action since 1949. The central concept at the basis of the nation’s military strategy had always been ‘self-defence.’

But the paper also indicates that China will not shy away from employing its military to defend its national interests. Compared to the previous strategy, this year’s white paper not only strikes an increasingly assertive tone towards Taiwan, but also identifies the United States as the single most precarious threat to China’s national security.

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The EU and Hong Kong

By David Hutt

23 August 2019

In our latest opinion editorial, political journalist David Hutt considers what the implications of the ongoing protests in Hong Kong may be for the Sino-European relationship, and how the EU ought to respond.


Mogherini on the EU's Security Role in Asia

7 June 2019

Federica Mogherini outlined the EU’s growing security role in Asia at the Shangri-La dialogue on 1 June. She said that the EU’s ambition was not only to be the key economic partner for Asia, but also to become a security partner. 


Event Report: 17 July: Discussion with Vice President of the AIIB, Sir Danny Alexander

On Wednesday 17 July, the EU-Asia Centre welcomed Vice President and Corporate Secretary of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Sir Danny Alexander to Brussels.


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