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Mogherini on the EU's Security Role in Asia

7 June 2019

Federica Mogherini outlined the EU’s growing security role in Asia at the Shangri-La dialogue on 1 June. She said that the EU’s ambition was not only to be the key economic partner for Asia, but also to become a security partner.

She said that Asian partners were showing a constantly growing interest in closer and deeper cooperation with the EU on security issues; from counter terrorism to maritime security.

The EU had military-to-military talks with eleven Asian countries and there were a growing number of military advisors in the EU delegations. A number of Asian partners had also signed agreements to participate in CSDP missions. Many had contributed to Operation Atalanta, fighting piracy off the coast of Somalia.

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Demographic changes ahead for Beijing – risks and opportunities

By Bart Broer

This policy brief aims to provide a concise overview of the projected negative growth and rapid ageing of China’s population - including possible implications for Europe.


EU-Japan Harmony

The EU-Japan summit on 25 April was full of harmony with both sides emphasising how much they had in common: preserving the rules-based multilateral system, fighting protectionism, promoting democracy and human rights, protecting the environment, supporting the Iran nuclear deal and the complete nuclear disarmament of North Korea.

Prime Minister Abe was visiting a number of countries to prepare for the G20 summit in Osaka in June. Immediately after Brussels he flew to Washington for a meeting with Trump. The US was the elephant in the room at the summit as both the EU and Japan were suffering from tariffs imposed by Trump and both faced the prospect of further tariffs on cars.

The leaders agreed on an extensive joint statement, illustrating the breadth of the current and future cooperation between the two parties, which now jointly constitute the world's largest free trading area.


Prague International Conference: EU and China: From Strategic Partner to Systemic Rival

Director of the EU-Asia Centre Fraser Cameron spoke at an international conference in Prague on 10-11 June. 


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