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EU-China Summit Ends with Smiles

10 April 2019

After lengthy and tough negotiations, the EU-China summit on 9 April ended with smiles and a joint statement. Presidents Tusk and Juncker plus Premier Li Keqiang spoke of a win-win outcome despite the fact that the EU had recently labelled China ‘a systemic rival,’ a description borne out of frustration at China’s failure to keep to promises made at previous summits.

Tusk said the united EU position had led to progress on some of the EU's most difficult problem areas with China, notably an agreement to tackle the sensitive issue of industrial subsidies within the WTO framework. There was also movement on geographical indications and a pledge to wrap up the bilateral investment treaty talks by 2020. For the first time China acknowledged there was a problem with enforced technology transfer. 

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Indonesia Facing Crucial Election on April 17

By Jan Willem Blankert

Next week, the world’s third largest democracy is set to elect a new president and a number of legislative bodies. Joko Widono will be the first civilian president to complete his full five-year term in the post-Soeharto era.


International outcry over Brunei revision of penal statutes

5 April 2019

On April 3, a revision of the penal code entered into force in the Kingdom of Brunei-Darussalam, foreseeing death by stoning as the sole legal punishment for gay and lesbian sex, adultery, and abortion. 


Invitation 29 April: The EU-Japan Summit: Outcomes and Prospects

The European Policy Centre and the EU-Asia Centre are please to invite you to a Sixty Minute Briefing on the outcome of the forthcoming EU-Japan Summit and future prospects for EU-Japan relations.

We are a think tank dedicated to promoting closer relations between the EU and Asia.

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