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Xi Brugge

Xi Visit Cements Ties with EU

President Xi Jinping returned to Beijing yesterday after spending more than a week in Europe meeting with royalty, heads of state and government, business leaders, students and making the first-ever visit by a Chinese president to the EU headquarters.

Xi kicked off his visit in the Netherlands where he attended the Nuclear Safety Summit, an important meeting which also allowed him the opportunity for a number of bilaterals, including with President Obama. The two leaders discussed current tensions in Ukraine and North East Asia. Xi also used the summit to call for the re-starting of Six Party Talks with North Korea. Prior to the summit Xi met with Dutch Premier Rutte and signed a new comprehensive partnership agreement aimed at deepening ties between the Netherlands and China.

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Whither Myanmar

Whither Myanmar?

By Derek Tonkin

After three years of remarkable progress, commentators are wondering whether the reform process in Myanmar might be running out of steam. Some Western politicians undoubtedly cherished unreasonable expectations about the pace of the transition to democracy.

Voting India

India Votes

On 7 April the world’s largest democracy starts voting for a new parliament, a process that takes over a month. India’s 814 million voters will elect 543 members of the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the national parliament. The results will be declared on 16 May.


Call for Applications: EU-China Relations Roundtable

In connection with the ECRAN annual conference on 18 June, the EU-Asia Centre, in partnership with the UACES Collaborative Research Network on EU-China Relations and Jean Monnet Chair of ESSCA School of Management, is organising a round table bringing together 10 young scholars working on or interested in EU-China relations.


EU-ASIA Centre is a new think tank dedicated to promoting closer relations between the EU and Asia.

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