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Xi Refuses Outside Pressure to Reform (Plus Latest EU Policy Paper)

19 December 2018

In a major speech on 18 December marking 40 years since the reform and opening up of the Chinese economy by Deng Xiaoping, President Xi Jinping praised the country’s great development from poverty to prosperity and warned that ‘no one is in a position to dictate to the Chinese people what should or should not be done.’ China would develop at its own pace, in its own style, without outside interference or pressure.' 

He stated that China would never seek to be a global hegemon and China’s development ‘will never constitute a threat to any other country.’ Xi made no direct mention of the current trade dispute with the US but emphasised China’s role as a defender of world peace and the international order. 

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China's Social Credit System: Why the EU Must Engage now

By Bart Broer

17 December 2018

Our Research Fellow Bart Broer argues that the EU has a number of reasons to be concerned with Beijing's latest plans.

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Council adopts new EU Strategy on India

10 December 2018

Today, the Council adopted a new EU Strategy on India, which will provide the policy framework for the EU's continued and strengthened engagement with India for the following years.


28 Jan: Connecting East and West - The Interpersonal Dimension

The EU-Asia Centre invites you to a panel discussion on public diplomacy with an emphasis on people-to-people connectivity, with Oscar and Grammy laureate Tan Dun.


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