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Council adopts new EU Strategy on India

10 December 2018

Today, the Council endorsed the Commission's Communication on a new India Strategy. This marks the adoption of the EU's new India Strategy. This new strategy will provide the policy framework for the EU's continued and strengthened engagement with India for the following years.

The Council welcomed the increasing role and responsibility of India on the global stage, through its ambitious foreign policy and fast growing economy. The EU and India aim at jointly promoting peace and security, and strengthening the rules-based global order. The Council furthermore strives for increased cooperation between the EU and India in the promotion of effective multilateralism, growth and prosperity in the EU and India and the wider Asian region, in tackling global challenges such as sustainable development, and in pursuing security interests.

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Brexit: Any Lessons for ASEAN?

By Jan Willem Blankert

People interested in ASEAN, watching the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, may wonder: if a member state of ASEAN wanted to leave the club, could this lead to a process as painful and long as the UK’s farewell from the EU? And does ASEAN have a formal exit option? 


European Think Tank Network on China - Report on Political Values in Europe-China Relations

Last week, the European Think Tank Network on China (ETNC) published its latest report, titled "Political values in Europe-China relations".

Trade War discussion

Event Report: 28 November: The Impact of the US-China Trade War on EU-China Relations

On 28 November, the EU-Asia Centre hosted a discussion between Chinese think tanks and a number of representatives from the Commission and the EEAS.


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