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The EU-Asia Centre reports on events held by partners and other organisations in Asia and the EU


Event Report --- EU-Japan relations

19 July 2017

On 12 July the EU-Asia Centre held a panel discussion on the prospects for EU-Japan relations against the background of the agreements in principle which both sides reached on 6 July.

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Roundtable discussion on EU, China and the Middle East

1 July 2017

On 28 June, the EU-Asia Centre organized a roundtable with senior EU officials and a visiting delegation of Middle East experts from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). The themes discussed included the major powers and the Middle East, domestic trends, energy supplies and security.

EU speakers spoke of existing good cooperation with China in the field of maritime security (Operation Atalanta), Iran (nuclear non-proliferation), and economic development (Belt and Road Initiative). There were, however, gowing concerns over the situation in the Gulf, Libya, Yemen and the Horn of Africa. There had been a recent increase in piracy attacks. The EU was directly affected by developments in the region, notably through migration. Hence the EU was developing a new assistance package to try and stabilise countries most affected by conflict.

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Impact of Korean Presidential Election

Impact of Korean Presidential Election

18 May 2017

Opening a panel discussion on 18 May on the impact of the Korean presidential elections, Fraser Cameron, Director, EU-Asia Centre, said that it was most timely to hold this discussion following the election of President Moon Jae-in. With the impeachment of former President Park Korean politics had entered a new phase. It had been an exciting election campaign with Moon winning a decisive majority. But he would not have a majority in parliament and would have to make compromises

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Event Report --- EU-China Public Diplomacy

5 May 2017

On 3 May the EU-Asia Centre and the Confucius Institute of the VUB held a panel discussion comparing the public diplomacy of the EU and China.

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Asia Trade Policy after Trump

16 March 2017

Opening the event on 15 March, Fraser Cameron drew attention to the many uncertainties surrounding trade policy. What would happen to TPP? Is there an opportunity for the EU to play a leadership role? Could China now dominate the trade scene with RCEP? Could the EU-Japan FTA be completed in the coming months?

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Event Report - One Belt, One Road (OBOR)

23 February 2017

On 22 February the EU-Asia Centre and the Confucius Institute of the VUB held a panel discussion on OBOR with Chinese and EU experts. Opening the event, Fraser Cameron, Director of the EU-Asia Centre, pointed to OBOR as a new and important element of EU-China relations. The Centre was part of the OBOR think tank network and would be participating in the 14 May summit in Beijing.

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Event Report - Impact of Trump on US-China Relations

16 February 2017

On 9 February, the EU-Asia Centre, the Brussels Academy for China and European Studies (BACES) and the Confucius Institute at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), together with Egmont - Royal Institute for International Relations, Centre Européen de Recherches Internationales et Stratégiques, organized a workshop and academic debate on the Trump Administration and US-China Relations: The Chinese and European Perspectives.

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Fraser Çameron had talks on ASEAN in the Thai MFA on 26 January

Fraser Çameron had talks on ASEAN in the Thai MFA on 26 January

26 January 2017

Fraser Çameron had talks on ASEAN in the Thai MFA on 26 January

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