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The EU-Asia Centre reports on events held by partners and other organisations in Asia and the EU

EU-China after brexit

Event report - EU-China relations after Brexit

3 October 2016

Opening the panel discussion on 27 September, Fraser Cameron, Director of the EU-Asia Centre, recommended the book, The Politics of EU-China Economic Relations, written by John Farnell and Paul Irwin Crookes which covered a wealth of valuable material and provided very useful insights into the complexity of EU-China relations. Brexit was another complication to the relationship.

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China event

Thai event

Event report - Building Sustainable Democracy in Thailand

23 June 2016

On 21 June, the EU-Asia Centre held a panel discussion on the topic of \"Building Sustainable Democracy in Thailand.\"

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Event report - EU-ASEAN relations

28 April 2016

Fraser Cameron gave a presentation on EU-ASEAN relations at ISIS Malaysia, the leading think tank in Kuala Lumpur, on 6 April. 

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Korea ambassador

Event report - How to Deal with North Korea?

21 April 2016

Opening the panel discussion Fraser Cameron, Director of the EU-Asia Centre, said that there were few more urgent international issues than the nuclear programme of the DPRK. The UNSC had imposed new and tough sanctions on North Korea and it was important that the international community, especially China, implemented the sanctions fully.  Today’s panel would look at the internal situation in the DPRK, the international environment, the legal bakground to the new sanctions, and the EU’s persepctive.

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EU-India summit assessment

Event report - EU-India Summit Assessment

18 April 2016

On 12 April the EU-Asia Centre held a panel discussion to assess the recent EU-India Summit.

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Chinese economy event

Event report - Prospects for the Chinese Economy and its Global Impacts

15 March 2016

On 14 March the EU-Asia Centre held a panel discussion on the “Prospects for the Chinese Economy and its Global Impacts”.

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Japan event picture

Event report – Japan's Changing International Role

17 February 2016

On 16 February the EU-Asia Centre, in cooperation with the Mission of Japan to the EU, held a panel discussion to discuss \"Japan\'s Changing International Role\".

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