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The events listed here include those organised by partners and others dealing with EU-Asia relations


Invitation November 15th 2016 - China's Future and Reporting EU-China

4 November 2016

The future of China is one of the biggest questions for the entire world. After two decades of spectacular growth the economy is now slowing down. But is it facing a hard or soft landing and what will the implications be for China and the EU? Politically President Xi has achieved more power and influence than his predecessors. But what are his plans for China? What is the basis for the China Dream? How is the ruling communist party (CCP) coping with the huge social changes in China? These are some of the issues on the agenda of two panel discussions organised by EU Reporter and the EU-Asia Centre from 1700-1900 on 15 November at the Press Club, 95 Rue Froissart, 1040 Brussels

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Invitation 19th October 2016: The Future of EU-ASEAN Relations

19 October 2016

On 13-14 October EU and ASEAN ministers will hold their biannual meeting in Bangkok. Both parties will meet against a background of internal problems with many questioning the ability of the EU to find a way forward after Brexit and others questioning the coherence of ASEAN and asking whether the ASEAN Economic Community will live up to its promise. But there are huge opportunities for the EU and ASEAN to cooperate more closely in a beneficial way, whether in trade, security or tackling global problems.  To discuss the outcome of the ministerial meeting and to assess the prospects for the EU-ASEAN relationship, the EU-Asia Centre invites you to a panel discussion on 19 October from 1700-1830 in the Press Club, 95 Rue Froissart, 1040 Brussels. To register for the event please click here…

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Invitation Oct. 17th The EU-Australia FTA: Can the EU still do trade deals?

5 October 2016

The controversy over TTIP and CETA has led many to question whether the EU is still capable of negotiating and ratifying trade deals with third countries. There is a general trend against globalisation manifested by the rise in populist political parties across Europe and elsewhere. In these circumstances what are the chances of a successful free trade agreement with Australia? What are the priorities and what advantages would it bring to both sides? How would Brexit affect the negotiations?

To discuss these and other questions you are invited to a panel discussion from 1800-1930 on 17 October at the Press Club, 95 Rue Froissart, 1040 Brussels. There will be a wine and cheese reception following the panel discussion. 

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Invitation - the Future of Afghanistan--- October 4th, 2016

27 September 2016

In the EU’s recent Global Strategy Federica Mogherini reiterated that the EU “will continue to support state-building and reconciliation processes in Afghanistan together with our regional and international partners.” To this end the EU is hosting a major conference in Brussels on 5 October which will include the President of Afghanistan and representatives from the US, China, Russia, India, Japan, the World Bank, UN and NATO.

The international community has now been involved in Afghanistan for 15 years but what has been achieved? What are the realistic prospects for Afghanistan? How long will the EU and others have to support the country? What are the political, economic and security trends? What are the priorities? How bad is corruption? How solid is regional support for Afghanistan and what are the hidden agendas?

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Invitation: EU-China relations after Brexit

16 September 2016

Brexit has been a huge shock to the EU with implications for all major relationships including China with whom the EU is negotiating a bilateral investment agreement. The EU is also about to make a momentous decision on market economy status (MES) but how will Brexit affect this debate? The UK now seems to be revising its own very pro-China approach under David Cameron with Theresa May ordering a review of major projects including the Hinckley Point nuclear facility. It is timely, therefore, to consider these and other issues with the authors of a new book ‘The Politics of EU-China Economic Relations’at a panel discussion 1700-1830 on 27 September at the Press Club, 95 Rue Froissart, 1040 Brussels.

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India Dialogue

Event invitation - EU-India Dialogues on Global Governance & Security

12 September 2016

The Global Public Policy Institute, Carnegie India and Vesalius Institute invite you to a panel discussion on \"EU-India Dialogues on Global Governance & Security\" on 15 Sept, 1800-1930, at Vesalius College.

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EU-Vietnam FTA

China smog

China's economic and environmental challenges and their impact on the EU

27 June 2016

The EU-Asia Centre, together with the WWF, invite you to a panel discussion on \'China\'s economic and environmental challenges and their impact on the EU\' at the Press Club, Rue Froissart 95, from 1430-1800 on 5 July.

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Event invitation - Building Sustainable Democracy in Thailand

7 June 2016

The EU-Asia Centre and together with the Thai Mission to the EU invite you to a panel discussion on ‘Building Sustainable Democracy in Thailand’ at the Norwegian Mission to the EU, Rue Archimede 17, from 1700-1830 on 21 June.

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Event Invitation: Sanctions against North Korea and their Implications

13 April 2016

Having conducted four nuclear tests and launched short- and medium-range ballistic missiles over the past decade, the world has looked on with increasing concern at the behaviour of North Korea (DPRK). 

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