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north east asia

What Role for the EU in North East Asian security?

5 March 2015

The security situation in North East Asia has been fragile for many years. Apart from the division of Korea and the unpredictability of the DPRK leadership, there are poor relations between Japan and China and between Japan and the ROK. There are also many uncertainties surrounding China’s more assertive role in the region. President Park has drawn attention to the EU’s potential role in helping to rebuild trust between the countries in North East Asia. The EU is taking an increasing interest in the region, recognising that its interests go well beyond its traditional emphasis on trade matters. It now has strategic partnerships with the ROK, Japan and China and numerous dialogues covering a range of security issues. With a new EU leadership team in place it is a timely moment to review the security environment in North East Asia and discuss the potential role that the EU can play

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Event Invitation: Prospects for EU-Japan relations

23 February 2015

The EU-Asia Centre and the Institute for European Studies (IES) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel invite you to a panel discussion on ‘Prospects for EU-Japan Relations’ at the Press Club, 95 Rue Froissart, from 1700-1830 (followed by a reception) on 4 March.

Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida and the EU’s High Representative Mogherini recently had a productive meeting in Brussels. They looked forward to the next EU-Japan summit involving Messers Abe, Juncker and Tusk. The EU and Japan are seeking to conclude their political/security and free trade negotiations this year. It is expected that these agreements will give a significant boost to EU-Japan relations but where should the priorities lie? As like-minded actors the EU and Japan could be working much more closely together in the security field – tackling proliferation, cyber- crime, terrorism as well as regional security. To discuss the potential for EU-Japan relations we have invited a mix of EU and Japanese experts and officials for a panel discussion. 

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