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The 2012 shift in the Chinese leadership

The 2012 shift in the Chinese Leadership:what's next?

15 November 2011

There is considerable speculation as to how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will manage the transition to the fourth generation of leaders at the 18th People’s Congress in October next year. What does past experience reveal about the possible scenarios for the new leadership? What should be the priorities of China’s new leaders in the next five years? These were some of the questions tackled by Dr Kerry Brown, Director of the Asia Programme at Chatham House, at a lecture in Leuven on 15 November.

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ECRAN Inaugural Conference

ECRAN inaugural Conference

18 October 2011

ECRAN hosted its inaugural annual conference in Brussels on 18 October. The event opened with words from ECRAN Team Leader Kerry Brown, Franz Jessen, Head of the China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Mongolia Unit at EEAS, and Wang Hongjian, Chargé d\'affaires for the Mission of the People\'s Republic of China to the EU. Opening remarks were followed by a keynote speech from Lord Davidson, former Advocate General for Scotland, and sessions on each of ECRAN\'s key themes - society, economics and politics - closing with a session on environment.

The event was attended by over 80 participants from across the EU Member States - we would like to thank all those who were able to participate.

A summary of the event can be found on

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South China Sea Forum

16 October 2011

Events in the South China Sea have in recent years caused new tensions between countries who have territorial claims in the Sea. They also have serious implications for the major powers with a vital interest in freedom of navigation in the high seas.

A forum to discuss these issues was organised by the Carlos P Romolo Foundation in collaboration with the Institute for Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) of Singapore on 16-17 October 2011 in Manila.  It brought together scholars and thinkers not just from the Southeast Asia and China but also from America, India and Europe.

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Inter-Faith Dialogue

7th ASEM Inter-Faith Dialogue

13 October 2011

The conference brought together a broad mosaic  - Chinese Bhuddists, Malayan Imans, Dutch Protestants and even a Pakistani Bishop. There was an underlying warm atmosphere during the discussions on how to improve the possibilities for migrant workers to practise their faiths; and on how to reduce tensions between host communities and migrant workers.

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