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Event invitation - Building Sustainable Democracy in Thailand

7 June 2016

For the past two years Thailand has been ruled by the military who deposed Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra in May 2014 following a constitutional court ruling that she had abused her powers. The military promised that they would only be in office for a short time before handing power back to an elected parliament. Following the coup, the EU and US put negotiations with Thailand on hold following the coup.

The military have now produced a draft constitution which they intend submitting to a referendum on 7 August. But what is in the draft? Who drew it up? What are the concerns about the draft constitution? What are the prospects for wider political reform in Thailand?

To discuss these and other questions, you are invited to a panel debate from 1700-1830 on 21 June at the Norwegian Mission to the EU, Rue Archimede 17, 1000 Brussels. To confirm your attendance please reply to



1700 Introduction, Fraser Cameron, Director, EU-Asia Centre

1710 Panel discussion featuring:


Norachit Sinhaseni, Spokesperson of the Constitution Drafting Committee

Kitti Wasinondh, Member of the National Legislative Assembly of Thailand

Xavier Nuttin, Senior Asia Analyst, European Parliament

Gaelle Dusepulchre, EU Director, International Federation for Human Rights


Q and A

1830 Close and reception