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China smog

China's economic and environmental challenges and their impact on the EU

27 June 2016

The EU-Asia Centre, together with the WWF, invite you to a panel discussion on 'China's economic and environmental challenges and their impact on the EU' at the Press Club, Rue Froissart 95, from 1430-1800 on 5 July.

One of the most important questions of our time concerns the future economic prospects of China. Every day the media has reports about Chinese debt, the stock market, the reform of state owned enterprises, the banking system, the renminbi exchange rate, excess capacity, etc.  The state of the Chinese economy is of vital importance for the EU as it is the second largest trading partner and a growing source of foreign investment. The One Belt, One Road initiative combines economic and environmental issues which again impact on the EU. A major decision on granting China market economy status is due in the coming months. 

The environment in China is another vital EU interest. As one of the world’s biggest CO2 emitters China has a key role to play in combatting climate change. Due to the hectic pace of industrialisation China also has enormous problems in dealing with the environmental damage of recent decades. The health of many Chinese is affected by poor air and water quality. The Party seems to have recognised the enormity of the problems and is pouring resources into green technology, often with the help of European industry.

To examine these issues we invite you to two consecutive panel discussions from 14:30 to 18:00 on 5 July at the Press Club, Rue Froissart 95, 1040 Brussels. Please confirm your attendance by replying to


14:30 Panel One: China’s Economic Challenges and their impact on Europe
             -  Toshiya Tsugami, former Miti Director and author of ‘China’s Rise’
             -  John Farnell, Senior Fellow at the EU-Asia Centre
             -  Jacques Pelkmans, Senior Research Fellow, at CEPS
             -  Rupert Willis, advisor at DG ECFIN, European Commission

16:00 Coffee break

16: 30 Panel Two: China’s Environmental Challenges and their impact on the EU
             -  Isabel Hilton, journalist and broadcaster, founder and editor of
             -  Li Lin, Programme Executive Director of WWF China
             -  Nick Hanley, Head of Unit of International Relations and Enlargement, DG Environment,
                European Commission 

             -  Susanna Mocker, Research Fellow at the EU-Asia Centre

18:00 Reception