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Invitation November 15th 2016 - China's Future and Reporting EU-China

4 November 2016


These are some of the issues on the agenda of two panel discussions organised by EU Reporter and the EU-Asia Centre from 1700-1900 on 15 November at the Press Club, 95 Rue Froissart, 1040 Brussels
16:45 registration
17:00 Panel One: China’s Future
The future of China is one of the biggest questions for the entire world. After two decades of spectacular growth the economy is now slowing down. But is it facing a hard or soft landing and what will the implications be for China and the EU? Politically President Xi has achieved more power and influence than his predecessors. But what are his plans for China? What is the basis for the China Dream? How is the ruling communist party (CCP) coping with the huge social changes in China?
  • Moderator Fraser Cameron, Director of the EU-Asia Centre
  • Professor Kerry Brown, Lau Institute, London (author of ‘President Xi’)
  • Professor Frank Pieke, Leiden University (author of China in the 21st century’)
  • Professor  Men Jing – College of Europe
  • Professer Xinning Song , China Director, VUB Confucius Institute/Brussels Academy for China and European Studies
1800 Panel Two: Reporting EU-China
The media have a major task in reporting developments in each other’s societies. But what are the respective challenges facing the Brussels Press Corps (Europeans and Chinese) in reporting on EU-China relations? What are the challenges for the media covering major issues such, the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative?
  • Moderator Jim Gibbons (former EuroParlTV, Deutsche Welle, CNN)
  • Colin Stevens, Publisher, EU Reporter
  • Eric Maurice, Editor EU Observer
  • Nikolay Barekov MEP (Former journalist)
  • Dr Ying Zhang- Erasmus University Rotterdam
19:00 – 21:00 Networking Reception
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