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Event Invitation May 3rd:Public Diplomacy – the Chinese and EU Approaches

25 April 2017

The EU-Asia Centre with the Confucius Institute of the VUB, and the Brussels Academy for China and European Studies, invite you to a panel discussion on ‘Public Diplomacy – the Chinese and EU Approaches’ on 3 May.
China’s increasing importance on the global stage coincides with its efforts to improve its public diplomacy based on political (G20 summit), economic (OBOR), cultural (Confucius Institutes) and sporting (Olympic Games) inputs. It is keen to expand its soft power using the media (CGTN, China Daily, Xinhua, etc) as well as ancient Chinese statecraft. The EU has always struggled to achieve an effective communications strategy, perhaps because of the many voices at the table and perhaps because of inadequate resources.  Now both actors are keen to improve their public diplomacy with both Wang Yi and Federica Mogherini giving the subject top priority. But how are both sides approaching public diplomacy? How does each define the concept? What can each side learn from each other as well as best practices elsewhere? To discuss these and other questions you are invited to a panel discussion  from 1700-1830  on 3 May in the Press Club, 95 Rue Froissart, 1040 Brussels.
17:00 – Welcome by Fraser Cameron, Director, EU-Asia Centre
1710 Panel discussion with


 Youyi Huang, Senior Advisor, The Charhar Institute (formal Vice President and Editor-in-chief, China International Publishing Administration) 

Michael Mann, Head of Communications, EEAS

Guobin Zhan, Secretary General of Charhar Institute

Xinning Song, China Director, Confucius Institute at VUB and Brussels Academy for China and European Studies

Colin Stevens, Editor, EU Reporter



1800 Discussion

1830 Close

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