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Nov. 23rd Invitation: ASEM and ASEAN and the East Asia Summit

9 November 2017

The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) is the largest region to region body linking Europe and Asia. Next year there will be an ASEM summit in Brussels. To prepare for the summit and to discuss current foreign policy issues, Federica Mogherini will represent the EU at the ASEM ministerial meeting in Myanmar on 20-21 November. The meeting will bring together Foreign Ministers from across Europe and Asia, representing 60% of global trade, 60% of global GDP and 60% of global population. On the agenda will be common security challenges such as the DPRK, the South China Sea but also counter-terrorism and cyber security. Ministers will also discuss efforts to bring Europe and Asia closer together in areas such as Euro-Asian connectivity, sustainable development and rules-based trade and investment.


This year is also the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the EU and ASEAN. In August, ministers agreed an ambitious new Plan of Action (2018-2022) to deepen EU-ASEAN relations in sectors including security, trade, aviation, the environment and connectivity. The previous Plan has not been fully realised but there seems to be a determination to move forward this time given the uncertainties of the Trump administration and the increasing presence of China in the region.


Another important development is that for the first time the EU (President Tusk) will attend the East Asia Summit in the Philippines on 14 November. This will be an important opportunity for the EU to make its voice heard in the strategic debates on the region's future. The EU and ASEAN will also have a commemorative Summit with President Tusk and the 10 ASEAN leaders, to mark the 40th anniversary of their partnership.


To discuss the prospects for ASEM, and EU-ASEAN relations, plus the outcome of the East Asia Summit, we have invited two senior officials from the EEAS to provide their perspectives and two Asian ambassadors to offer their views. The panel discussion will be held on Thursday, 23 November, from 1700-1830 in the Press Club, 95 Rue Froissart, 1040 Brussels.


Programme: 1700 Introduction by Fraser Cameron, Director, EU-Asia Centre


1705 Panel with Ambassador Manisavi Srisodapol, (Thailand), Ambassador Jaya Ratnam (Singapore) Steven Everts, EEAS, Counsellor (ASEM), Giuseppe Busini, EEAS, (ASEAN),


1800 Discussion


1830 Close