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Growth Delusion

Invitation - The Growth Delusion – Time to re-think GDP

6 February 2018

The EU-Asia Centre and the European Policy Centre invite you to a discussion with David Pilling, Associate Editor of the Financial Times, and author of the ‘The Growth Delusion.’

Pilling argues that we need to modify our fetish about GDP which is an outdated concept and fails to take into account technological changes let alone volunteer work or child rearing. If it has a price then it can be counted as part of GDP – hence prostitution, drug dealing and handling of stolen goods all count! Polluting factories count but there is no measure for sustainability or a clean environment.

National and EU politicians and bureaucrats use the statistics surrounding GDP as the basis for nearly all their policy decisions. This has current implications as the EU approaches difficult discussions over the next multi-annual financial framework.

Pilling, a former Asia editor of the FT, suggests that there are many aspects of the economy and society in Japan and China which we need to consider. Europe and Asia could be learning more from each other.

The discussion will be held on Wednesday 14 February from 1730-1900 in the Press Club, 95 Rue Froissart, 1040 Brussels.

1715 Registration

1730 Welcome Fraser Cameron, Director, EU-Asia Centre

1735, David Pilling ‘Time to re-think GDP’

1800 Comments by Fabian Zuleeg, Chief Economist, EPC

1815 Discussion

1900 Close and book signing by the author