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Invitation---Jun. 26th Implications of Brexit for Asia

11 June 2018

Brexit will have major implications for Asia. Japan, China, Korea and most other Asian countries made clear their preference for the UK to remain in the EU. All Asian countries are worried about their investments in the UK being subject to tariffs if the UK leaves the single market and customs union. They are also worried at the supply chain implications. While the UK seems to assume that it will be able to pursue quick, new bilateral trade deals with Asia, it is not obvious that the countries concerned agree. Prime Minister May has visited India and China without receiving any promises. Outside the EU, the UK will lose influence and struggle to live up to Asian expectations on geopolitical issues. There could be a loss of influence in the region for both the UK and the EU with broader implications for global trade and security?


To discuss these and other issues you are invited to a panel discussion from 1700-1830 on 26 June at the Press Club, 95 Rue Froissart, 1040 Brussels




1700 Introduction, Fraser Cameron, Director, EU-Asia Centre


1710 Panel with


Michael Reilly, Senior Fellow, Nottingham University (and editor of new book on Brexit and East Asia)


Lars Brückner, Co-Leader of JBCE Brexit Task Force (Director – EU Public Affairs Office, NEC Europe Ltd)


James Moran, Senior Advisor, EU-Asia Centre and former Director for Asia in the EEAS


Stefaan de Ryck, Task Force, Brexit (tbc)


1745 Q and A


1830 Close