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Bart Broer, Research Fellow at the EU-Asia Centre, attends 2019 Shanghai class of the Visiting Programme for Young Sinologists

8 July 2019

From mid-June to early July, our Research Fellow Bart Broer attended the 2019 Shanghai class of the Visiting Program for Young Sinologists, organized by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS). The programme invited around 35 young (aged 25-40) China experts from around the world – young diplomats, businesspeople, think tankers, journalists, Chinese teachers – to China for high-level engagement with Chinese officials in the culture and tourism sphere.

The programme was funded by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Shanghai Municipal Government, as well as by a number of private sector entities.

The programme included:

·      A visit to the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, which is trying hard to produce a viable Chinese alternative to the hegemony of Airbus and Boeing

·      A visit to a bridge construction site in Shanghai to inspect China’s (dubious) commitment to requisite international labor standards

·      A series of lectures by renowned SASS professors on China’s culture and tourism industry

·      A visit to the Shanghai branch of the CPPCC to showcase democracy ‘with Chinese characteristics’ (members are typically SOE staff, princelings descendants, real estate tycoons, etc.)

·      Our Research Fellow Bart Broer was invited to give an address to senior leadership of the city of Shanghai as well as of a number of renowned academic institutions on the topic of EU-China relations.

Find the press release of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism here.