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EU-Japan Harmony

The EU-Japan summit on 25 April was full of harmony with both sides emphasising how much they had in common: preserving the rules-based multilateral system, fighting protectionism, promoting democracy and human rights, protecting the environment, supporting the Iran nuclear deal and the complete nuclear disarmament of North Korea.

Prime Minister Abe was visiting a number of countries to prepare for the G20 summit in Osaka in June. Immediately after Brussels he flew to Washington for a meeting with Trump. The US was the elephant in the room at the summit as both the EU and Japan were suffering from tariffs imposed by Trump and both faced the prospect of further tariffs on cars.

The leaders agreed on an extensive joint statement, illustrating the breadth of the current and future cooperation between the two parties, which now jointly constitute the world's largest free trading area.



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Gotta Serve Somebody? Not Necessarily: Europe in the US-China Crossfire

By Plamen Tonchev

Plamen Tonchev argues that the U.S.-China-EU triangle, even though based on inherently competitive relations and even rivalry, remains a global arrangement, whereby each side needs allies, depending on the issue at stake.


EU-China Summit Ends with Smiles

10 April 2019

After lengthy and tough negotiations, the EU-China summit on 9 April ended with smiles and a joint statement. Presidents Tusk and Juncker plus Premier Li Keqiang spoke of a win-win outcome.


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