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Ashton in Japan

Ashton in Japan

7 November 2011

EU-Asia Centre Senior Advisor, Axel Berkofsky offers a critical review of the lack of progress in EU-Japan relations

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G20 October 2011

EU and China: Partners in Crisis?

31 October 2011

Professor Wei SHEN, ESSCA School of Management, Angers, France reflects on the latest meeting between the EU and China.

Although the EU-China summit has been postponed, the leaders will meet 3-4 November in Cannes at the G20 summit. Despite the many problems between the two sides both are locked in a close embrace. The EU is China’s largest market for its exports. China is being courted by the EU to prop up the euro. However, holding a successful EU-China Summit has become more and more difficult.  The 2008 summit was cancelled due to Sarkozy meeting the Dalai Lama while last year’s summit ended in rancour. Now the 14th EU-China Summit that was scheduled to take place in the Chinese trading port of Tianjin on 25th October was postponed due to the EU emergency meeting on the eurozone.

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Why Asia Matters to Europe

Why Asia Matters to Europe

28 October 2011

The Asia-Pacific has become a key driver of global politics. President Sarkozy calls President Hu Jintao to help save the euro. Asia boasts almost half the world\'s population. It includes many of the key engines of the global economy, as well as the largest emitters of greenhouse gases. Jose Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission, has forecast that if economic trends persist the twenty-first century will see a shift in the centre of gravity of the global economy to Asia. Today the Asia-Pacific region accounts for almost 40% of world GDP and comprises some of the most dynamic economies in the world. According to the latest report of the Asia Development Bank (Asia 2050) the region could account for more than half of global trade, investment and GDP by 2050. These figures demonstrate why Asia matters to Europe.

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Martin Jacques

When China Rules The World

11 October 2011

Speaking at the Madaragia Foundation recently, Martin Jacques discussed some of the key findings in his best-selling book  ‘When China Rules the World’.

Jacques said it was difficult for Europeans to understand China because they tended to look at China through their own prisms and hence were critical of what they saw. But China had never been like Europe and never would be. Europe also found it difficult to comprehend the speed of change in China and most Europeans were not good at understanding developments in China. Europe should recognise that there was no one path to modernity. Modernity is not a product of the market but rather a product of history and civilisation.

Jacques then outlined a conceptual framework to try and make sense of China.  

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Eu-Asia Centre

Our Vision

4 October 2011

Welcome to the webpage of the EU-Asia Centre. As a new think tank we are dedicated to promoting closer relations between the EU and Asia.

The inexorable shift in the global balance of economic and political power towards Asia has profound consequences for the EU. There is a serious risk that Asia and Europe will drift apart, making it increasingly difficult to tackle global challenges. It is therefore necessary to encourage serious strategic thinking in Europe about the implications of the rise of Asia and the future course of EU-Asia relations.

Our Mission is to become the leading EU policy institute on EU-Asia relations, providing strategic thinking and new ideas for governments, institutions and business in both Europe and Asia.

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Asia Defence Spending tops Europe

Team News

3 October 2011

Starting a new think tank is exciting but exhausting. There are a million things to do from designing the website to contacting key people and always so little time to do them. There is also much travel involved. Wei Shen was in Brussels for the ECRAN annual meeting. Shiela Arora attended the Friends of Europe gala dinner. Piet Steel was visiting Vietnam on business. Fraser Cameron made a lecture tour of Australia and New Zealand (the photo below shows him with EU ambassador David Daly in Melbourne); and then made another trip to the Philippines to speak at two conferences (another photo shows him with ex foreign minister Roberto Romulo). In between he managed to win the first golf tournament organised by the Taipei Representational Office!

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