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EU Global Strategy

The EU’s Global Strategy and Asia

1 July 2016

The Global Strategy presented by Federica Mogherini to the European Council last week called for a deepening of economic diplomacy and an increased security role for the EU in Asia.

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Council conclusions on EU strategy with Myanmar/ Burma

25 June 2016

On 20 June, the EU adopted Council conclusions on the future of EU-Myanmar relations which are based on the Joint EEAS/ Commission Communication \"Elements for an EU strategy vis-à-vis Myanmar/ Burma.\"

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china eu strategy paper

New China Strategy Paper

22 June 2016

The EU’s new China strategy paper published on 22 June seeks to map out the EU’s interests in dealing with China over the next five years. It is strangely entitled \"Elements for a new EU strategy on China\" which would indicate that it does not seek to be a comprehensive report. 

The paper, a joint project of the EEAS and European Commission, has a strong economic dimension. It remarks that ‘China\'s political, economic and social development matter to the EU more than ever. They present major opportunities for the EU, especially in creating jobs and growth in Europe, but need to be addressed in a coordinated and effective way in order to produce the best possible outcomes for both the EU and China.’

While it recognizes the economic importance of China the paper does not shy away from criticizing the slow pace of internal reform and the lack of market access for European business. It suggests the EU experience could be beneficial for China. 

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Mogherini Yang Jiechi

Mogherini meets Yang Jiechi

20 June 2016

On 10 June Federica Mogherini received China’s State Council Yang Jiechi for a regular meeting of the EU-China high level strategic dialogue. It was a useful time for the Dialogue as it helped to prepare the next summit due to be held in Beijing in mid-July.

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Tsai Ing Wen

Tsai Ing-Wen - new president of Taiwan

28 May 2016

Tsai Ing-Wen’s, the first female president of Taiwan, used her inauguration speech to call for internal changes while maintaining the status quo in Cross-Straits relations.

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Rodrigo Duterte elected President of the Philippines

12 May 2016

On 9 May the Philippines elected Rodrigo Duterte President of Southeast Asia’s oldest democracy. While official results are still to be declared, Duterte has won around 39 percent of the votes and the other candidates have already congratulated him.

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Abe EU

PM Abe visits EU to push G7 Agenda

9 May 2016

Japan’s prime minister Abe visited Brussels and other European capitals last week to prepare for the G7 summit in Japan at the end of the month. The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, thanked Abe for placing the migration and refugee crisis at the top of the G7 agenda. 

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arms race

Asian Arms race Continues

28 April 2016

This week’s announcement that Australia has awarded the biggest arms contract in its history ($40 bn) to France provides further fuel to the arms race in Asia. Already last year Asia overtook Europe in terms of defence spending with the total reaching $340bn according to IISS figures. This year the trend is continuing with overall defence expenditure likely to increase by a further 6%. Asian countries are shopping not only for submarines but new generation fighter aircraft, amphibious landing craft and other advanced weaponry. European defence contractors are now looking to Asia to boost falling sales at home.

The reasons for the rise in defence spending include the increasing tensions in the East and South China seas and the unpredictable nature of the regime in North Korea. China accounts for about 40% of the total spending and has ambitious plans to modernise its armed forces and increase its power projection capabilities. 

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HRVP in Indonesia

Mogherini in Indonesia and Japan

8 April 2016

HR/VP Mogherini pays her first visit to Indonesia on 8-9 April before heading for consultations in Japan. Her two-day visit to Jakarata will help prepare the visit of President Jokowi to Brussels on 21 April. Together with Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, Mogherini will co-host the first Indonesia-EU Ministerial Strategic Dialogue. The bilateral agenda is expected to cover a range of issues, including political and security cooperation, countering radicalisation, advancing trade relations, protecting the environment and combatting climate change. There will also be a focus on the current situation in the South China Sea and the Middle East.

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Modi summit

Modi in Brussels for EU-India summit

1 April 2016

After a four year gap the leaders of India and the EU met in Brussels on 30 March for their 13th summit. Even though it was a short summit, the meeting yielded a surprisingly substantive number of deliverables. Prime Minister Modi and Presidents Tusk and Juncker expressed themselves very satisfied with the progress made.

The summit produced a joint statement of six pages, two joint declarations on water, energy and climate, a renewed joint declaration on counter-terrorism, a common agenda on migration and mobility and a comprehensive roadmap for EU-India relations in the next five years. The latter is arguably the most important outcome if the relationship should evolve into one that deserves its title of “strategic partnership”. In recent years, diplomatic irritations and diverging opinions on trade liberalization have stood in the way of closer EU-Indian relations.

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