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IISS 2015

Speech by High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini at the IISS 2015

31 May 2015

Let me start with a sincere thank you. First of all for the invitation: it is not to be given for granted, that the European Union - that for sure is not an Asian or a Pacific power - is considered relevant in this Dialogue. Still, it is. Very much so. We share economic relations, investments and trade interests - and that is evident to everybody, especially here in Singapore. But we share much more than that: political partnerships, security cooperation, global challenges to which we need to give responses that will be effective only if they will be joint ones. From terrorism to climate change, from natural disasters to cyber-attacks, the threats we face today have no borders - they are global by nature, bydefinition. And we need strong, global partnerships to face them.

That's why it is natural to be here. To invest in our friendship. That's why you find a lot of Europe, if you look at the people around you in this room. 
And let me come here to my second big "thank you": to my friends that here with me, in these days, have represented Europe. Because the EU is not just institutions in Brussels: it's a family, a community, where we share values, interests, visions, a lot of history (often a difficult one) but most of all we share a lot of common future. And when you say "Europe", you say all of us - each different, but all together.

So let me thank the Defence Minister of Germany, Ursula; of the UK, Michael; of Spain, Pedro; friends and colleagues representing other EU Member States like France, the European Parliament, European business, think tanks and research institutes, and last but not least the Chairman of the EU Military Committee, General De Rousiers, that is now an abituee of this dialogue.

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