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EUAC opens office in Xi'an

EU Asia Centre opens office in Xi'an

25 June 2018

EU-Asia Centre opens office in Xi’an


The EU Asia Centre has opened an office in Xi'an International Studies University. At the opening ceremony on 21 June, Wang Junzhe, President of the university, said that he looked forward to cooperating with the Centre in promoting research on EU-China relations as well as educational and cultural visits and exchanges. The presence of the Centre on campus would also be a boost for students seeking more information about the EU.


The Chairman of the EU-Asia Centre, Piet Steel, said that the Centre was grateful to Xi’an International Studies University for hosting its office in such a distinguished seat of learning. Xi’an was the start of the ancient Silk Road and China’s Belt and Road Initiative would certainly be a major research activity for the Centre. He also welcomed the prospect of local businesses supporting the Centre and thus enabling closer contacts and deeper understanding of European business.  


There were supportive messages from EU ambassador Hans-Dietmar Schweisgut and Herman van Rompuy, the former President of the European Council.


Rui Yan, a graduate of Xi’an International Studies University, will be the representative of the EU-Asia Centre to the Xi’an office.