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Council adopts new EU Strategy on India

10 December 2018

10 December 2018

On Monday 10 December, the Council endorsed the Commission's Communication on a new India Strategy. This marks the adoption of the EU's new India Strategy. This new strategy will provide the policy framework for the EU's continued and strengthened engagement with India for the following years. The EU and India, which have already entered into a Strategic Partnership, are set to further strengthen their bilateral relationship, in a move that will show their determination to uphold the multilateral, norms-based global order amongst increased geopolitical volatility. 

The Council welcomed the increasing role and responsibility of India on the global stage, through its ambitious foreign policy and fast growing economy. The EU and India aim at jointly promoting peace and security, and strengthening the rules-based global order. The Council furthermore strives for increased cooperation between the EU and India in the promotion of effective multilateralism, growth and prosperity in the EU and India and the wider Asian region, in tackling global challenges such as sustainable development, and in pursuing security interests.

The EU and India will also strep up their cooperation in the field of connectivity and infrastructure development, the promotion of gender equality and women empowerment and the countering of terrorism and extremist ideology. Notably, the Council also encourages greater coordination amongst Member States' respective India policies - a move India has welcomed warmheartedly.

Prime Minister Modi, speaking at the G20 last week, welcomed the Commission's India Communication and reiterated his country's determination to strengthen its relations with the EU.

Find the Council Conclusions here, and the full text of the Commission's India Communication here