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EU and Pakistan hold Political Counter-Terrorism dialogue

21 April 2016


The fifth EU-Pakistan Political Counter-Terrorism Dialogue was held on 20 April 2016 in Brussels under the framework of the EU-Pakistan Five-Year Engagement Plan. Both sides strongly condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, Lahore and many parts of the world and reaffirmed their determination to jointly combat terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

Recalling the ‘EU-Pakistan Joint Conclusions on Combating Terrorism' of 2015, the two sides agreed on the urgent need for a comprehensive approach to terrorism and to step up cooperation to prevent and counter violent extremism, radicalisation and recruitment and to address the root causes of these problems. They resolved to work together to drive forward international efforts in forums such as the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the Global Counter Terrorism Forum (GCTF). They also underlined the importance of enhancing intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and understanding in order to promote tolerance and harmony.

The ongoing EU-Pakistan cooperation and collaboration on issues pertaining to counter-terrorism were discussed during the meeting. The EU and Pakistan agreed to explore ways of strengthening, through mutual consent, cooperation, initiatives and exchange of best practices in areas such as criminal justice and rule of law, law enforcement/security, countering financing of terrorism and countering violent extremism.

Separately, on 18 April 2016 the EU-Pakistan Dialogue on Non-proliferation and Disarmament was held in Brussels under the same framework.

The EU and Pakistan agreed to hold the next EU-Pakistan Political CT Dialogue as well as the EU-Pakistan NPD Dialogue in Islamabad in 2017 at a mutually agreed date.