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Brexit: Any Lessons for ASEAN?

By Jan Willem Blankert

4 December 2018

People interested in Asia and ASEAN, watching the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, may wonder: if a member state of ASEAN (the ten member Association of South East Asian Nations) wanted to leave the club, could this lead to a process as painful and long as the UK’s farewell from the EU? And the next question: does ASEAN have a formal exit option? 

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Institute of International Economic Relations: China's Image in Greece 2008-2018

By Plamen Tonchev

22 October 2018

Last week, the IIER published a report on China's image in Greece - the gist of the report is that China's image in Greece is conditioned by a cocktail of four different - and even conflicting - narratives. Apart from China's ascendancy, this has a lot to do with the decade-long socio-economic and political crisis in Greece, but also with a conspicuous anti-European mood in the country.

Find the report here.

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