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Sustaining the Planet for our Future Generations

By Don Pramudwinai

26 March 2019

Thailand is fully committed to sustainable development, as noted by the country's past achievements and contributions nationally and internationally, argues Don Pramudwinai, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.

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Dancing with the Dragon: Can the EU and China Rescue the WTO?

By Antti Tulonen

12 March 2019

Our Research Fellow Bart Broer explains how the WTO is in peril - and how Brussels and Beijing may team up to realize structural reforms. Spoiler: it ain't easy. 

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The EU's Palm Oil Conundrum

By Alana Fitzpatrick

26 February 2019

Our outgoing Research Assistant Alana Fitzpatrick on the history, applications, and environmental impact of palm oil  - and on how it became a diplomatic hornest's nest.

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China's Developing Rail Links With ASEAN


30 January 2019

Jan Willem Blankert argues that China’s ambitious plans to develop rail links in SE Asia have met a mixed response, although there is a desperate need to improve infrastructure in the region.

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