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Panda Huggers or Dragon Slayers? Images of China in the Czech and Hungarian Parliaments

By Ivana Karaskova

15 June 2019

This paper summarizes the findings of a large-scale research project of China-related debates at the plenary sessions of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic since 1993 and the National Assembly of the Parliament of Hungary from 1990 till the end of 2018. It presents the first and so far only study of the Czech and Hungarian parliamentary discourses on China of this complexity, depth and historical scale.

This paper was prepared within the project “Promoting Understanding and Awareness of Chinese Influence in Central and Eastern Europe” (ChinfluenCE) in cooperation with Central and Eastern European Center for Asian Studies. The project was supported by the National Endowment for Democracy.

Find the paper here.


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Demographic changes ahead for Beijing – risks and opportunities

By Bart Broer

27 May 2019

This policy brief aims to provide a concise overview of the projected negative growth and rapid ageing of China’s population - including possible implications for Europe.

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Gotta Serve Somebody? Not Necessarily: Europe in the US-China Crossfire

By Plamen Tonchev

3 May 2019

Plamen Tonchev argues that the U.S.-China-EU triangle, even though based on inherently competitive relations and even rivalry, remains a global arrangement, whereby each side needs allies, depending on the issue at stake.

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Eu-Asia Centre

Is Europe Finally Rising to the China Challenge?

By Bart Broer

17 April 2019

Last week’s EU-China summit taught Europe that acting in harmony pays off. But can Europe’s unity last?

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Indonesia Facing Crucial Election on April 17


8 April 2019

Next week, 195 million voters in Indonesia, the world’s third largest democracy, will elect a new president and a number of legislative bodies. Joko Widono (nickname Jokowi) will be the first civilian president to complete his full five-year term in the post-Soeharto era. A significant factor for this achievement has been his strategy to accommodate the military’s interests to keep them on his side. 

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Sustaining the Planet for our Future Generations

By Don Pramudwinai

26 March 2019

Thailand is fully committed to sustainable development, as noted by the country's past achievements and contributions nationally and internationally, argues Don Pramudwinai, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.

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Dancing with the Dragon: Can the EU and China Rescue the WTO?

By Bart Broer

12 March 2019

Our Research Fellow Bart Broer explains how the WTO is in peril - and how Brussels and Beijing may team up to realize structural reforms. Spoiler: it ain't easy. 

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The EU's Palm Oil Conundrum

By Alana Fitzpatrick

26 February 2019

Our outgoing Research Assistant Alana Fitzpatrick on the history, applications, and environmental impact of palm oil  - and on how it became a diplomatic hornest's nest.

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China's Developing Rail Links With ASEAN


30 January 2019

Jan Willem Blankert argues that China’s ambitious plans to develop rail links in SE Asia have met a mixed response, although there is a desperate need to improve infrastructure in the region.

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